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What is "A Twisted Path To Renown" about?

"A Twisted Path To Renown" is an extraction-based First-Person Shooter game (for now) that offers players a unique and immersive experience of building their path to wealth, fame, and prosperity within battles and/or player-driven economics with deep and detailed customization mechanics.

Which platforms will the game be available on?
Now the game is available on PC. And yes - we intend to make it available for consoles also, so we're exploring options for other platforms and will announce any updates on this as soon as possible.

When is the official release date for the game?
The official Early Access release date is June 6th 2024. We continue working restlessly so you get the game with as many features as possible.

Are there any system requirements to play the game?
Detailed system requirements are provided in the appropriate website section

Does "A Twisted Path To Renown" have multiplayer options?
Yes. We're focused on delivering a rich multiplayer experience. You can choose whether you want to play alone, with your friends, or find your teammates online. 

How is "A Twisted Path To Renown" different from your previous game, "This Land Is My Land"?
While both games are driven by player immersion, they are entirely different. "A Twisted Path To Renown" is an FPS that offers a whole new level of immersive environment. Unique items creating, surviving in raids while risking to lose everything, assistance or opposition of other players, strategical thinking and efforts made daily - all of these renown-path-building steps are mainly skill-based, but you'll also need a bit of fortune too. Whereas "This Land Is My Land" had a different focus.

How does the item crafting system work in "A Twisted Path To Renown"?
Players can obtain various materials, item parts, and tools by scavenging Raids. Later, in the Workshop section of their lobby, they can craft special guns, bullets, clothes, and other item types with better specs if all the crafting requirements are met, thus all counterparts are gathered. Then it's a Player who decides what to do with that item - either use it as a truly personalized and higher quality item or sell it to grab some cash.

Is the game open world or are there specific missions and campaigns?
At the early release phase the game will be an extraction-based first-person shooter, so there will be Raids which can be called "specific missions" or "campaigns". But later on, the game will be added with new content and mechanics that will carry the game to a whole new level of immersion and authenticity.

Do you have any plans on releasing the game on Steam or EGS?

Yes. For now, the game can be wishlisted on Steam and we plan an Early Access on June 6th 2024.

Will the game be available in languages other than English?
We're aiming to support multiple languages, and specific languages will be confirmed later. For now, the game is gonna be released in English. The closest localizations are: French, German, Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian. And we also consider Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Korean there.

Are there plans for post-launch content or DLCs?
Our focus is on delivering a complete and polished game at launch. But yes, plenty of ideas, areas, and mechanics that will be added later. You will be surprised.

Who are the developers behind "A Twisted Path To Renown"?
We are a group of addicted developers from Ukraine, the same team that brought you "This Land Is My Land". We're passionate about creating immersive gaming experiences for our community.

How can I stay updated with the latest news and announcements about the game?
Follow our official channels, including our forum and Discord server, for the latest updates.

Will there be any microtransactions in the game?
Our primary focus is delivering a full gaming experience for everyone who purchases the game. So any possible microtransactions will not affect playability and give any advantages to players.

Where can I connect with other players and fans of the game?
Our Discord server is a great place to meet other fans and discuss the game.

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