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Howdy folks, Andrii’s back and it's time for another check-in from the frontier of 'A Twisted Path to Renown.' 

Today, I’m bringing you something special that'll take you down a notch if you're not careful: the formidable .44 rounds.


Picture yourself in the heart of the 1890s in the US. You've got your trusty revolver by your side, but what truly matters is what you're packing in that six-shooter. A .44 round? Well, now you've got power and authority. But not just any .44 round, because here in 'A Twisted Path to Renown,' variety is the spice of life and survival.

In our game, we've created a world where each .44 round can be as unique as the gunslinger wielding it. The type of .44s you choose to use (a mix of bullet casing, gunpowder, lube, and projectiles) can drastically change the way your revolver performs.

Bullet scheme

Let's talk projectiles or as we say it - bullets. 

Now, when you think of bullets, you might imagine a simple, one-size-fits-all affair. Not in our world! Here, you get to choose the shape of your bullets, their material, and their cover, allowing for varied effects on impact and trajectory. Let's break it down:


Oh, that shape.

Flat-Nose-shaped bullets have a flat tip, which makes them ideal for delivering a solid punch upon impact. It's a reliable choice if you're looking for something straightforward and effective. Flat-nose bullets tend to have a more predictable trajectory, making them a favorite among some gunslingers. Round nose bullets, with their smooth, curved tips, offer greater aerodynamics. This allows them to travel with less resistance through the air, potentially enhancing your range and accuracy. If you're the type to snipe from afar, you might find these bullets to your liking. Hollow Points are where things get a bit more specialized. These are the bullets that are designed to expand upon impact, creating a larger wound channel. This can lead to increased damage but at the expense of penetration. If stopping power is what you seek, hollow points could be your ticket.


Material matters.

But it's not just about the shape; the very material of your bullets can alter your combat experience. We've boiled it down to two main options for you to play around with:

Lead is a classic choice. Lead bullets have long been the standard for firearms. They're dense and malleable, allowing for reliable performance and consistent results. In our game, lead bullets offer a tried-and-true option that balances damage and affordability. If you're the kind of gunslinger who believes in sticking with what works, lead might be your go-to.

Lead Tin Alloy - this blend of lead and tin introduces an extra dimension to your shooting. The addition of tin adds hardness to the bullet, potentially enhancing penetration and providing more consistent expansion. It's a more refined option that can lead to nuanced effects in combat. If you're looking to experiment with something a bit different and maybe gain a slight edge in certain situations, give lead-tin alloy a try.


A cover story.

This time, we're talking covers. It might seem like a small thing, but the right cover can make a world of difference. Here's what we've got for you:

Naked bullets (intriguing, right?). As raw as it gets, naked ones are all about that pure lead or lead-tin experience. Great for close-range situations and practice, these bullets have a traditional feel and are easy on the wallet. 

And awhile, Jacketed ones offer a balance. Jacketed bullets feature a softer lead core wrapped in a harder metal shell. This design helps control expansion and provides better penetration. If you're after precision and reliability, this might be your pick.

Lastly, there’s Full-Metal-Jacket (FMJ). For those who want maximum consistency and minimal lead exposure, FMJs cover the entire bullet in a hard metal shell, except for the base. They offer the least amount of expansion, making them ideal for certain tactical situations and legal hunting requirements.

Bullets Variety

A bullet’s soul (Gunpowder).

And now we're diving into the mystique of gunpowder, the very base of our bullets.

The first is Gunpowder Type.

Black gunpowder gives you the authentic feel of the wild west. It's all about the drama, but be ready for a bit more residue in your barrel, thus more wear of it. Besides, the black cloud around you will notify a few “partners” around you about your location. But if you need a more powerful and long-ranged bullet that makes a small white cloud, almost invisible from afar, Smokeless Powder is your choice. Less smoke means a cleaner shot, and your barrel will thank you for it. But prepare to use your wallet as it costs much.


Powder Amount is the next stop.

Low Charge is for the sharpshooters out there. A reduced charge gives you the control and accuracy you crave. Watch out for a slight dip in velocity, though. While the balanced Normal Charge is a jack-of-all-trades, offering solid performance across the board. Or want to feel the power? A High-Charge option packs a punch with increased velocity. Just be prepared for a wild kick. Well, the gun durability will also be shortened then.


Powder Quality is something you don’t see, but you’ll feel it. Back then.

On a budget? Low-quality gunpowder might be inconsistent, but it can also get the job done.

While Regular Quality is the go-to option for many, offering reliable performance without breaking the bank.

And of course, High Quality. For those seeking perfection, high-quality gunpowder provides the best burn and top-notch consistency. It's a treat for true enthusiasts. Rich true enthusiasts, I mean.

Bullet specs

That’s the case (Bullet casing).

In "A Twisted Path To Renown," you'll have the choice between Brass and Aluminum casings, and each has its unique impact on your shooting experience.

Brass casings are the traditional go-to for many shooters. They're durable, resilient, and offer consistent performance. But they’re heavier than their aluminum bros. But if you’re more of a shooter than a looter, brass is the way to go. 

On the other hand, Aluminum casings are lighter and more affordable. They're great if you want to keep your gear weight down or if you're looking to shoot on a budget. And some might argue they don't have the same premium feel.


Smooth Operator (Lube).

And here’s the unsung hero of bullet crafting: Lube. Yes, that's right – even bullets need to be smoothed.

A traditional choice for bullet lube is the Tallow option, which offers good lubrication and is relatively easy to obtain in our game's world. It provides solid performance and helps reduce lead fouling in the barrel. It's your old-school choice for those who like to stick with proven classics.


Carnauba Wax is for those looking to up their game. Derived from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree, this wax offers excellent lubrication and is a bit more resistant to high temperatures. The use of carnauba wax as a lubricant can help minimize the barrel lead fouling and also can improve the bullet's performance by reducing friction as the bullet travels down the barrel, potentially leading to higher velocities and improved accuracy. 


No Lube at all. Going “all-natural”, are we? For the purists out there, or those just interested in experimenting, crafting bullets without lube is also an option in “A Twisted Path To Renown.” But beware, while you might save on resources, it might lead to increased barrel wear and fouling. This choice adds an extra layer of challenge and consideration for true gun enthusiasts.


But it's not just about having these options; it's about the exciting opportunities they present. As an example, the .44 round isn't just a piece of ammunition; it's an extension of your character, a true testament to your cunning, resourcefulness, and survival instinct.

I believe the beauty of our game lies in these details. In “A Twisted Path to Renown”, you're not just surviving in the prairies, you're thriving, experimenting, and becoming the architect of your own destiny. 


Stay tuned for our next devlog where together we'll delve deeper into the art of survival in this rugged world.

Until then, keep your powder dry and your aim true!



Andrii Skliarov, 

CM for "A Twisted Path To Renown" aka hangmans_joke

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